Escape from the Cove is an interactive Flash game I created in first year of university to help spread the awareness of the Dolphin slaughters in Taiji, Japan as well as the involvement of Seaworld.

In this multiple-choice game, you play a mother and her calf as you aim to escape from the cove and survive. Each choice you make will determine your outcome.

Natura is a prototype I and 9 other people created during university, experimenting with tutorial methodology. We used techniques such as changing environment, creatures and level design to lead the player to certain parts of the map. I was one of the concept artists and the animator for the lead character. 

The game is based on a Mother Nature figure where the player has to complete puzzels and find jewls to save the dead parts of the world, back to living. There is 1 dead/living forest and 1 dead/living cave levels.  





Escape from the Cove